Xiaomi 120W charger gets 3C certification, expected to come soon with new phones

Xiaomi 120W charger
The Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi was rumored to be developing on a 100 W charging technology and a 120W changer to support its speed. As per the new report, the 120W charger has recently received 3C certification in the market.
Getting 3C certification is the first sign that the Xiaomi 120W charger is ready for the consumer. Certification takes place almost a year after Xiaomi announced the 100W SuperCharge Turbo fast charging technology in 2019.
According to GizmoChina, the company needs a 120W charger for its 100W Super Charge Turbo fast charging solution. On the charger’s certification, it’s possible that Xiaomi is preparing the first 100W charging smartphone.
As per the leaked video, the 120W charger can provide a variety of power outputs including 5V at 3A current, 9V at 3A, and 11V at 6A at a charging speed of 15W. You also get 20W at 4.8A and 20V at 6A.
This means the upcoming Xiaomi 120W charger can charge multiple devices like laptops, tabs, smartphones. But, Xiaomi has not announced any details about the upcoming 120W charger
The report states that a 120W charger is required to take advantage of 100W charging technology.
At the same time, it is necessary to develop smartphones that can use SuperCharge Turbo energy. Xiaomi is already working on a smartphone that supports 100W fast charging.
it’s still unclear whether Xiaomi will ship a 120W charger with this smartphone. It’s likely to sell the 120W charger as a separate unit like Apple.

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