WhatsApp launches a new feature “Disappearing Messages”


WhatsApp has finally introduced a new feature call “Disappearing Messages”, WhatsApp disappearing messages are now developed on both iPhone and Android, and users can now specify that messages disappear automatically after a set amount of time.

Disappearing Messages will be now on Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web and desktop platforms by the end of this month. Earlier this week, WhatsApp detailed how to enable/disable the new “Disappearing Messages” feature on various devices and published a FAQ on its usage on its support page.

This feature is available for individual and group chats. However, group chat allows group admins to hide messages in group chat. The “disappearing message” feature for each individual or group conversation in the chat window must be enabled individually and can be accessed by clicking on the individual contact or group name in WhatsApp.

When enabled, new messages sent by users will disappear after 7 days for the selected contact. However, notifications can show a preview of the disappearing message until WhatsApp it opens on the receiving device. With the option turned off, messages sent in the new chat window are also not destroyed. In addition, when a user replies to a missing message, the quoted text may remain in the chat after 7 days.

The user receiving the message can also copy the text and take a screenshot of the message within 7 days. Missing messages are also saved in the user’s backup, but are deleted when the user restores the message. Given that there are many ways to have a shared chat with sharing messages, it seems more like an option to clear the conversation than the ability to share deleted information automatically.


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