WhatsApp is reported to be working on a feature that allows users to mute groups

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to mute annoying WhatsApp groups permanently. Remember last added to a group you don’t want to join? Well, now WhatsApp relieves your worries and you don’t even have to leave the group for that.
As reported, the Facebook-owned messaging app is revealing a new feature that replaces the option to mute a group for one year with “always”. Yes, read that right. You can mute a group permanently using the messaging app. According to WAbetainfo, the “always mute” option was found in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version
In the screenshot shared on the WhatsApp feature tracker, you can see that there is no mute group for the one year option, which is replaced by the mute group always. This means WhatsApp will silently notify you from chats and groups until you actually change the setting to normal. Previously, WhatsApp offered users the option to silence their WhatsApp group for up to a year, but it returned to normal as soon as their tenure expired.
This can be an important feature for people who are added to less important groups and cannot leave or delete. If you select the Always Mute option, you will not receive any notifications from the group. Yet, while users can visit the group and see their chats, they don’t have to worry about recurring hated notifications throughout the day.
Don’t look for it in the settings menu because the mute function is always unavailable to the user. As WAbetainfo reports, this feature is in development, and WhatsApp has tested all possibilities and fixed all issues without officially exposing it to users.
This feature was found in the most developed Android beta. Beta users can take advantage of this feature by updating WhatsApp to the latest version of the Play Store. But, if this option is not accessible on the Play Store, refresh it and check back a few hours later.

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