Twitter now gives you control over who can select who can reply to your tweets


The social media giant Twitter announced Wednesday that the Twitter is testing a new feature that allows you to limit who can reply to a tweet. A new feature is a reply permission setting that allows you to decide who can reply to a tweet. Now if a user publishes a tweet on the platform, anyone can respond to the tweet above, whether or not they follow the user.

Twitter announced in a demo that it will add new permission settings just below the Compose Tweet window. This allows users to reply to a tweet to anyone, anyone, anyone they follow, and only those who mention it.

As the option name implies, only the user selected by the author of the tweet can reply to the tweet. However, other users who have not been “invited” to tweet can view or like the post. The new feature is currently being tested and is currently accessible to a limited audience worldwide. There is no broader announcement, but if all goes well, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

Earlier this year, Twitter was also proposing to start replying in the future. We want to give people more control over their conversations on Twitter so they can safely participate in conversations on Twitter. We plan to experiment with different options for replying to tweets in early 2020.

Currently, Twitter allows users to keep their accounts private and limit replies from others they do not follow. Facebook, Twitter’s biggest rival, offers similar functionality, and users can limit their posts to be visible to all users.


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