Twitter is testing the new feature that prompts users to open articles before retweeting them


Wednesday, Twitter announced that they are testing a new feature for the android device. This new prompt encourages users to read the article before it is retweeted.

This is because the headline may not give you the full text. “Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before you tweet it,” the Twitter support team tweeted on their account.

Twitter has already made this feature available to some users via its Android app. If you retweet a post with an embedded article, you’ll get a prompt that “headlines can’t tell you everything”. Want to read this before you retweet. The user can continue to retweet the article if desired. Therefore, it is a gradual notice for users to read an article before other users start disseminating false information.

It’s not clear to which user group the feature is set, but it is likely that users with thousands of followers will test the feature first.

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