Sony introduces Airpeak drone project to enter the drone business


Sony introduced the new drone project as name an Airpeak, Sony is a well-known camera technology brand. This Airpeak project is Sony’s improvement to the field of camera drones and is, of course, based on Sony’s imaging and sensing expertise and the “3R” technology (Reality, Real-time and Remote).

Airpack maximizes the creativity of video creators with the goal of contributing to the further development of the entertainment industry and improving the efficiency and savings of various industries.

Airpack will also promote the project to enable the use of drones with a high level of safety and reliability in previously difficult environments. said Sony on its press release.

Sony has not specifically announced whether it will launch its own drone or provide the drone manufacturer with a camera and sensor module. However, the original use cases used by organizations are related to businesses that release custom drones.

Video teasers the company released that also refer to brands that have brought out drones through their powerful camera technology. Please check the AirPack website for more details soon. However, the project is expected to start in spring of 2021.


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