Skype now allows you to make calls without sign up or download the app

Skype now allows you to make calls without sign up or downloading app

Skype has introduced a new type of video call. This eliminates the need for anyone to sign up for an account to join a chat. Similarly, it’s a convenient way to the vein to zoom, so even the host doesn’t need to sign up, except for Skype. Install a service or something. Skype describes the new Meet Now feature as an easy way to connect with others who don’t need to sign up for an account or download software. Start a meeting with just a few clicks directly from the web page, invite the people you want, and then easily join.

If you already have the Skype client installed, you can start a meeting from within the software if needed, easily invite existing Skype contacts, or even those who have not installed the program as well. Meeting links never expire and video call features are unlimited. You can use inline chat and reaction, and the function to blur the background. You can also share your screen for work or educational purposes, and even record calls as needed.


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