PUBG PC received the latest 7.2 updates: Bots, Rank Mode and more

PUBG 7.2 update

PUBG PC has received the latest update 7.2 which will bring a Rank Mode and bots to online PC server design. The rank mode is a long-awaited feature after other similar games like Fortnite and Apex Legends had it some time ago. Meanwhile, bots are controversial among PUBG gamers as veteran players object to the addition of bots. Update 7.2 has a few other changes. The weapon and armour balance is especially noticeable.

PUBG PC Ranked Mode

the new Ranked Mode feature supports up to 64 players to battle it out in the squad-based battle to try and increase their rank using a new competitive rule organisation that concentrates on loot and pacing. In this mode, the game randomly rotates between three maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. PUBG for console also revealed that it will get rank mode on May 26th.


The developers say that adding bots helps close the expanding skill gap and creates more difficult situations for players. In a blog post last week, PUBG developers say that veterans continue to improve their skills and improve while many new players are eliminated early, without being killed and often without damaging them. The bot was originally released exclusively for the PUBG test server. However, after today’s update, it will be visible to all users. However, Update 7.2’s patch notes make it clear that bots only appear in regular games and appear less frequently as the user’s skill increases. The developer had previously made it clear that the bot would not appear in the new ranking mode.

As mentioned earlier, PUBG PC Update 7.2 brings many other changes as well as bot and rank modes. The biggest of them is the balance between new weapons and armour. Changes here include recalibrated assault rifles and shotgun weapon types. As for armour, vests once destroyed will not disappear and inventory space will not be lost. The vest also continues to provide a small amount of protection even after being destroyed. In particular, the planned Gas Can update has been postponed due to an issue found in the feature. There are also many UI and UX changes, sound changes, second track unlocks for Survivor Pass Season missions, and skin and item changes. Finally, there are numerous bugfixes across gameplay, world, and other sections.


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