PUBG Mobile will introduce the new exclusive map called Livik

PUBG Mobile Livik

PUBG Mobile will soon get a new map called Livik that will be exclusive for the mobile version. The company announced on its official PUBG Mobile Twitter account. the company is not specified the launch date but states that the map is currently playable in the beta version of PUBG Mobile.

This is the first map dedicated to PUBG Mobile, not initially applied to PC or console version games. Currently, the company does not share when Livik will move to the standard version of the game. In a Twitter post by PUBG Mobile, the new map of the game’s beta was featured as “Livik” and will soon be transitioning to the regular version.

This map is the same as the one that appeared in the beta version of PUBG Mobile as a “secret map” at the end of last month, and is particularly called “secret map”.

PUBG Mobile published a new map rumored to be called “Fourex” in May in a Twitter post where different areas of the map were stamped on four postcards. PUBG fans quickly combined these stamps to create one map showing different terrain combinations of the four maps on PUBG Mobile.

The map included snow area, desert area, and grass area, and some were entirely new. It was also said to be the smallest map yet, which may reduce the total number of players and increase the number of action gameplays. Currently, according to the latest tweet from PUBG Mobile, this map is named Livik and can be played as a “secret map” in beta. Unfortunately, there is no time for this map to be a stable version of the game.

In addition, PUBG Mobile will also receive Erangel 2.0, which is expected to be part of the 0.19.0 update released next month. New Livik maps may also be bundled with the update.

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