Microsoft Released a new Edge Browser | Let’s see the Best Features.

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft finally launched its new and upgraded Microsoft Edge browser from the Chromium engine developed by Google.

The edge may seem familiar to you if you’ve used Microsoft’s browser before, but it has undergone major changes under the cover. It is now based on the Chromium code base and the web engine, which also powers Chrome. The switch should mean better compatibility with a wider range of sites and improved performance.

What is the chromium project?

Chromium is Google’s free open-source software project. The source code can be compiled in a web browser. Google uses this code to create a Chrome browser with more features than the Chrome browser. Many other browsers are also based on Chromium code, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Amazon Silk.

Like another browser, you can download Edge from its creator’s site. If you do so, it replaces the existing version of Edge. To see upcoming features, download the Beta, Dev, and Canary (the least stable nightly build) channels from the Microsoft Edge Insider page. Over the next few periods, the latest browser will replace the existing Edge with the new one via Windows Update.

Like another browser, you can download Edge from the Developer’s website. Doing so will replace the existing version of Edge. To see forthcoming features, download the Dev, Beta, and Canary channels from the Microsoft Edge Insider page. Beyond the next few periods, the new browser will repair the present Edge with a new browser through Windows Update.

Click here to Download New Microsoft Edge Browser: –

What are the best features of the Microsoft Edge Browser?

Security and Privacy

Privacy and protection while browsing is more than ever worrying and Microsoft has responded by creating some extensive yet easy to use privacy features into the new Edge. Open the browser menu, click Settings, and then select Privacy and Services to find the three levels of the Edge Privacy menu.

You can choose between Basic, Balanced or Strict, which, as you guessed, takes an aggressive approach to what websites on your computer can do. A strict level makes it difficult for sites and advertisers to create a profile about you, but it is so severe that you may notice some bugs and malfunctions on the websites you use.

User Interface

The user interface for Microsoft Edge has been redesigned but processing the familiar look and quality of the legacy version to make the learning.

The new interface is clean, modern and stylish with rounded edges to make browsing a little more friendly, and it’s based on the Chromium open-source platform, you’ll find your browser and Chrome are similar elements.

Passwords and Syncing

Edge allows you to use many profiles. If the profile is connected with a Microsoft account, you can sync bookmarks, settings, addresses, passwords, history, open tabs, extensions, and collections across all the Edge instances you’re in logged. You can enable or disable any of these synchronization categories to your liking. There is also a Browse as a guest option, to prevent other users from accessing all this.


Reduce clutter and focus on what’s important by activating Immersive Reader, a feature that removes anything but text and images from a page. It drops out distractions like advertising or side panels. On the pages where the view is available, you’ll see an icon that looks like a book in the address bar at the top of the Edge interface. Move the mouse over the symbol and Enter Immersive Reader is displayed. Click on it and you will get a reduced view of the currently displayed page. You can adjust the colors of the page and the size of the text using the Text Preference field and even read the text on the page by clicking the Read Aloud button.

Dark Mode

The dark mode has importance as all types of apps and operating systems add a feature that allows you to switch between light and dark looks.

The new version of Microsoft Edge is no different, and you can get the change by clicking Settings on the menu, and then clicking Appearance.

Google Chrome extensions

Microsoft Edge is now capable to use of the extensions Like a Chrome and  Firefox.

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