iPhone 12 Series to come Without EarPods, Charging Adapter

iPhone 12

Apple plans to launch four new iPhone 12 models later this year. There have been multiple leaks and rumors about these phones over the last few months. In it, Barclays analysts say the box content may not include EarPods as well as the charger.

This company is known for its bold moves. The release of the iPhone 7 paved the way for the removal of 3.5mm headphone jacks on smartphones. Since then, the market for true wireless earphones has skyrocketed.

If Barclays analysts are real, you may see another trend rise, including no adapter charger (cable only), with the purchase of a new smartphone.

Curiously, it’s possible as part of the company’s report on the old iPhone, including the removal of the true tone on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the removal of the headphone jack adapter with the iPhone X and iPhone XR, and the removal of the iPhone’s 3D touch. The 11 series turned out to be positive.

In addition, the UK-based finance company also mentioned a box that Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last month that excludes EarPods. It also revealed that mass production of the iPhone 12 series is 4 to 6 weeks behind the previous year.

However, Apple will announce them in September as usual. Finally, Barclays analysts also expect the two high-end iPhone 12 series to feature a triple camera setup and the LiDAR sensor introduced in the iPad Pro 2020.


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