Infinix Smart 4 Plus officially confirmed to launch on July 21 in India

Infinix Smart 4 Plus
The Infinix Smart 4 Plus will be launched in India on July 21 at 12 noon and Flipkart dedicated an Infinix Smart 4 Plus page on its platform.
Also, the company posted the 7-sec video on its official twitter account that shows the phone has a bigger display. Currently, there is little public knowledge about the Infinix Smart 4 Plus, and the company says it plans to publish the specs today from July 16th.

The company also unveiled that the smartphone will have a 6,000mAh bigger battery. The Flipkart banner doesn’t show the name of the phone, but it does show the front image.
It can be associated with Infinix Smart 4 Plus, along with Infinix’s Facebook and Twitter teasers. The banner also shows that the start date and time is July 21, 12:00 pm (noon). No pricing information yet.
The Flipkart website also has images showing the front design of the phone. which shows that the phone will come with a waterdrop-style notched display design.
There seems to be a thin bezel on the top and bottom of the device and Infinix Smart 4 Plus can be purchased through Flipkart. The rest of the features and specifications are currently unknown but Infinix will release more details before its release on July 21st.

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