Google offers a free Meet video conferencing app for all users.

Google Meet premium video

Google’s Meet video conferencing app is now available for free to all users worldwide. The conference was originally released as a premium app for paid users, but due to lockdowns imposed by some governments to counter the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

The surges in video calling services around the world. Seeing the demand to be, the app is gradually rolling out a free version. The Meet app needed its suite of software, a Google Business or Education account, to set up a call. But in the future, Meet will be free on the web and available to anyone via the iOS or Android mobile apps.

You can also easily start or join from there using Google Calendar. Through Meet, Google allows 100 users to participate in one video call. Google has long offered free business tools such as Gmail and Google Docs, but there was no comparable Meet, a new service launched three years ago.

A tech giant shared in a blog post about gradually opening Meet over the next few weeks. We’ve created Meet, a premium video conferencing product that’s free for everyone to use, and will be available in the coming weeks, “said Javier Soltero, Vice President and GM of G Suite.

It was also shared in the post that the free version of the app was made available to all users in early May, and all the services previously offered to premium users will be available for free.

From the beginning of May, anyone with an email address can register to Meet and use the same functions that business users and educational users can use, such as simple schedule setting and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts to suit their tastes. Enjoy a lot of, including an expanded tile view.


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