Google Maps makes it easier to find nearby takeout and delivery restaurants

Google Maps

The pandemic of the coronavirus is that millions of people are staying in their homes as much as possible, and more than ever, more people rely on takeaways and delivery to get a daily meal doing. To find local options, Google Maps currently highlights nearby stores that offer takeout and delivery. Google Maps, which was widely released this week, highlighted a shortcut button to the main interface of the mobile app. These new ‘take out’ and ‘delivery’ shortcuts are very similar to other map shortcuts for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and other locations. Takeout and shipping options have been available on the map for a while, but Google is now pushing this to the forefront.

Clicking on this shortcut will search for ‘take out’ and ‘delivery’ keywords in your local business information. In most cases, click delivery can mostly attract nearby stores or chains. Apparently, integration with services like Uber Eats can’t see other locations that aren’t available. In other words, the ordering process is integrated into maps and secretaries and searches for specific businesses. However, the take-out option seems to pull out any location that offers take-out to customers. As far as we can tell, these takeaway and delivery shortcuts have been highlighted for all Google Maps users on Android and iOS in the United States and confirmed that they are also appearing in France. In the face of an epidemic, it is possible that Google has released it worldwide.

In particular, these new shortcuts will be added to alerts displayed when searching for medical locations, in addition to other COVID-19 notifications, such as shortcuts to Google search and topic hubs.


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