Google accidentally reveals the Pixel Buds A on Twitter

pixel buds a

Google accidentally announced the new pair of earbuds called the Pixel Buds A on its official Android Twitter account.  

The tweet from the official Android Twitter account confirms the Pixel Buds A has Fast Pair, a service that lets you to use Bluetooth Low Energy and the device’s location feature to find compatible Bluetooth devices within range and connect to Bluetooth devices with a single tap. 

Pixel Buds A
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Fast Pair take up all connected Bluetooth accessories in your Google account and syncs with all Android devices connected to that account. There is also a “Find my device” feature to help you find lost Bluetooth accessories. 

It’s assumed that the device isn’t ready to launch yet, as Google deleted it shortly after sending the tweet. However, it will probably arrive at Google I/O later this month. Pixel Buds A comes in multiple colors, including green (with a white case). If you don’t like the white version of the image above, don’t worry. 

Since Google has used the phrase ‘Pixel Buds A-Series’, this will be the first in a line of affordable headphones from Google, just like the Pixel 3A launched as the first in the Pixel line of smartphones. affordable from Google. 


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