Gmail makes it easy to copy and paste email addresses on Android app


Copying and pasting the Email addresses in the Gmail android app has been bit bothersome, but the recent changes in the Gmail android will make it easier. Now, the Gmail allows for easy copying and pasting of Email addresses on the Android App.

The small interface of the Gmail has been surfaced online, which is spotted by the android police. However, the change has not been revealed by Google.

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According to the android police, Gmail introduces a “Copy” button for Email address in the Compose text fields. Users can access the Copy and Delete options by simply tapping the Email Address field.

Previously, the same was likely by long-pressing the email address that displayed the user with a pop-up menu to perform the action. This new feature from the Gmail will make easier for the Android user to copy and paste Email address by just tapping the Email address. Sadly, the useful new features still don’t seem to be widely available, and Google is not yet officially announced this new feature.

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Google may be A-B testing this feature. As a result, only some users will see the new Copy and Delete buttons in the Android app. They released the last major update for Gmail in December, when apps could edit Office attachments using documents, spreadsheets, and slides.


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