Flipkart introduces voice assistant feature for the consumer to help in buy groceries

Flipkart introduces voice assistant

Flipkart has launched a voice assistant feature in the grocery store Supermart. This makes it easy for consumers to find and purchase products using voice commands in multiple languages, including Hindi. Flipkart’s in-house technology team develop the voice-first conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform that has a capability of the understanding of local languages ​​such as Hindi and English.

It can recognize which language is spoken and then conduct a shopping call with the customer. and it also helps the customer to find the groceries simply by their voice. Flipkart states that the voice assistant performs the shopping experience more personal and simple.

The voice assistant feature is implemented in Supermart, Flipkart’s dedicated Android grocery store app. Understand e-commerce categories and products and perform tasks such as finding products, understanding product details, and ordering.

According to Flipkart, AI assistants can “transcribe, translate, transliterate and understand” a user’s intent to have shopping-related conversations in various Indian languages. Shoppers can say what they are looking for, and a voice assistant will find it. they may also get information about specific products from the assistants. While the voice assistant feature helps customers add items to their carts using voice, the checkout and payment parts often need to be done manually.

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