Facebook working on its own health-tracking Android-Based Smartwatch


Popular social media giant Facebook is working on its own android based smartwatch that focus on health and messaging features. This smartwatch allows users to send messages through with its services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, and also provides fitness and health tracking features. The Facebook has not shared any information and name of the smartwatch on it yet, but the as per the report, they suggest the smartwatch could go on sale next year.

Facebook’s smartwatch will join its growing hardware ecosystem, which includes virtual reality headsets, video calling devices, and the upcoming aging reality (AR) smart glasses.

According to The Information, Facebook is developing a smartwatch with directions for messaging and health fitness tracking capabilities. Future smartwatches from Facebook are expected based on Google’s open source Android software version. The company is also developing its own operating system for future hardware, which could be introduced in second-generation smartwatches that may be launched in 2023.

The smartwatch is expected to integrate tightly with Facebook-owned apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, and supports cellular connectivity so you can quickly access your messages without relying on your smartphone. The report also states that Facebook will allow wearable devices to connect to the hardware and services of health and fitness companies such as Peloton Interactive. However, given Facebook’s reputation for managing user privacy, it’s still unclear whether smartwatches will gain a warm welcome or face strong skepticism.

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