Facebook opens messenger room for unlimited video calls with 50-person chat service

Facebook messenger room

On Friday, Facebook Inc. introduced video conferencing tools and extended video calling capabilities to increase the demand for video calls during a coronavirus epidemic, while using the first steps to approach the planned combination of messaging products in the application.

The company said in a statement that 50 people would be able to join the phone through the video conferencing tool, the Messenger Rooms. Similar to the design offered by competitor Zoom, it displays a variety of member videos from up to 16 on the desktop and 8 on the mobile.

Facebook users can share links that allow non-users to join the meeting room on both desktop and mobile devices via a web browser, except for application download or creation requirements. ‘The same account as other services. There is no limit to the Video call.

Facebook suddenly enters a crowded company in a hurry to dominate the demand for video conferencing because millions of people around the world suddenly rely on tools for work, school, and life. Product details eased in the third quarter of this year, but Facebook accelerated the plan after a surge in callers while locked.

“The currency of the video has increased, and it has increased further when looking at the use of group currency,” said Chudnovsky. “I found a way to build these things faster,” Facebook said in a statement. Currently, more than 70 billion accounts make daily calls from WhatsApp and Messenger.

Microsoft launched Skype’s new “Meet Now” for video conferencing for over 50 people without downloading the app. Google, the fastest-growing Meet tool this year, said it was also working on improving customers this month.

Chudnovsky said that Fb’s free service focuses directly on customer needs for messenger rooms and does not currently offer companies that could be the main income for many video conferencing apps.

Companies can expand their live streaming service at a similar time, with the option to add their company to live video from the core Fb app and add the ability to save Instagram live video to the IGTV video-sharing app. The choice to create help for Rooms on Messenger is through the message service of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, where the company has begun to appreciate imagination and imagination, and you can see firsthand how the mixture is composed. So claim the app’s penetration rate.

The messenger room can be within a huge online meeting space on social networks, so users can join group video conferencing instantly from news feeds and groups and events pages.

Chubovsky said Fb will combine the buttons through the chat function of the messaging service WhatsApp and Instagram. The company has more users than Messenger but is simultaneously expanding group video calls within WhatsApp, but the number of participants is limited to 8.

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