Facebook launches app for couples to chat

Facebook tuned app

Facebook comes up with app ideas through the NPE or New Product Experimentation team. The team previously worked on the meme-creation app called Whale and Hobbi, an app similar to Pinterest. Now NPE team’s latest venture is a messaging app for you and your important others. With this app, you can create a scrapbook-like feed, not just a message, to easily see your memories with your partner.

In addition to the basics such as sending photos, you can send voice memos, cards, notes, and custom stickers. Connect your Spotify account to share your playlists and set your mood like an old-fashioned messaging app. Here’s what Facebook says.

This app isn’t very useful for couples who are currently isolated from each other, but it can help people who are separated by the current flu pandemic around the world feel a little closer.

Whether people can bother to install other messaging apps is another story, but Tuned is more expressive than a typical chat app. Also currently only available on iOS. I mean, no one will date someone who uses a nice android.


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