Facebook for desktop gets dark mode for user: How to enable Dark Mode

Facebook’s redesigned website now

Back in F8 2019, Facebook said it would soon make Facebook available to its users with a newly optimized design. Now, almost a year later, it’s keeping that promise. The company has begun to publish the newly redesigned desktop site to all users worldwide.

On Friday, Facebook brought the much-awaited Dark Mode to its improved desktop app for all users. The new interface that helps billions of Facebook users enjoy the lower brightest, with the contrasting vibrancy, thus minimizing screen glare for use in low light.

A statement from Facebook said, “The new immersive layout along with Dark Mode makes viewing videos on Watch a great experience,”

Dark Mode is also available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Similar to the mobile experience, According to the company, this new design makes it easier to find features such as videos, games, and groups. New desktop sites that share many design characteristics with Facebook’s mobile apps should also load faster than before.

How to enable Dark Mode?

  • Open Facebook for the web and log in with your username and password
  • Once connected, select the drop-down menu in the top right corner
  • Tap the “ Switch to new Facebook ” option to get dark mode and the new user interface
  • A pop-up message will appear and you will need to select dark mode to get the new design
  • You can also return to the light theme by selecting the “ Switch to classic Facebook ” option in the drop-down menu several times when the dark theme is activated

The new design makes it easy to create events, pages, groups, and ads. You can preview your new group starting in real-time to see how it will look on your mobile device before it goes live.

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