Facebook adds ‘quiet mode’ to help silences push notifications on mobile

Facebook adds 'quiet mode'

Facebook released a completely new “quiet mode” for its main mobile app on Thursday. In this mode, “most” push notifications are paused, and if you try to open the software on your mobile phone while the mode is still active, the notifications will be turned on. The notifications that are omitted from the new mode are not exactly clear.

The company says it needs to be legally sent, such as a privacy update. Also, this new mode should not be confused with the existing “Push Notifications Mute” setting which only allows push notifications, not in-app notifications, and only allows for a specified time.

Alternately, this new Quiet Mode is on Facebook’s Your Time on the Facebook dashboard and was added in November 2018, asking major platforms and device makers such as Apple and Google to promote their digital wellness apps. It was. Facebook says it will be part of a larger dashboard update, adding weekly trends, day and night usage tracking, and visit counters. According to the company, it is currently available to iOS users and will be available to Android users in May. The new quiet mode works manually or on a set schedule as needed. Like the offensive Facebook Watch badge, it also suspends notifications from within the app and at the system level, so you won’t see numbered badges on iOS either.

It can be important for us to adapt to our new daily routines and set boundaries on how to use time online while staying at home. Whether it helps you focus on family or friends, sleep uninterrupted, or manage time spent at home, there are tools to help you find the right balance of how you use Facebook. In addition to the Quiet Mode, Facebook says it has added a new shortcut to the Notification Settings and News Feed Preferences panels. “You can make the most of your time on Facebook by controlling the types of posts that seem in your news feed.

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