Best Power Banks under Rs.1,000 (Apr-2021)

Best power bank under 1000

Power Banks are the most used gadgets for a quick charge to smartphones and small gadgets. This gadget is lightweight and portable, so you can effortlessly charge your device anywhere without access to the power grid.

However, it is difficult to find the best power bank for your smartphone and small gadgets. That’s why we came up with the list of the best Power banks under Rs.1,000 in India to help you to pick the best one for your device.

Best Power Banks under Rs.1,000
Redmi 10000Best power bank overallCheck Price
Mi 10000The popular choiceCheck Price
Ambrane PP-150Best capacity power bankCheck Price
Syska P1015B-BKMoney for Value Power BankCheck Price
Lapguard LG803Best with 20800 mAh battery capacityCheck Price

1. Redmi 10000: Best Power bank overall

Redmi 10000
Redmi 10000

Capacity: 10000 mAh | Output:  5.1V/2.6A 10 Watts Fast Charge | Input port: Type C | Weight: 245 Kg


  • Decent build Quality
  • 10W fast charging support
  • Dual Input Port


  • No LED torch

Xiaomi is known for its great smartphones, but Xiaomi also manufactures a wide range of products such as power banks, smartwatches, earphones and laptops.

Redmi is the sub-brand of the Xiaomi, Redmi has recently unveiled the smartphone accessories in India, and Redmi 10,000 is one of those accessories.

Build Quality and Design

The Redmi 10000 comes with a sleek design and an anti-slip edge texture that looks premium and compact. 

The construction of the Redmi 10,000 made with an environment-friendly ABS plastic material that feels tough and solid while holding the device in hands.

Although the device made of the plastic material, it does not feel cheap, and it does not slip while holding in hands. 

The ports and LED indicators have located on the device, while the power button has mounted on the side. 

Battery capacity

Redmi 10000 Power bank features with high-density 10,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery pack that delivers better higher efficiency than conventional Lithium-Ion battery.

In terms of the output, The device offers around 7,000 to 8,000mAh power juice instead of the 10,000 mAh capacity.

The LED Indicators on the device shows the battery backup status.

The company says that Redmi can charge Redmi k20 pro (4000 mAh battery) 1.75 times and iPhone x 2.3 times with 10000 mAh.

Hardware and additional features 

 The Redmi 10,000 has two output ports that support fast charging output power up to 10W.

The power bank itself supports the fast charging input with Type-C port and regular Micro USB port.  

There is low power mode also available in this device that allows you to charge small devices like a fitness band and Bluetooth.

Redmi Power Bank has a 12 Layer Advanced Circuit Chip Protection that improve charging efficiency, and it protects the device from surges and overheating of the components.

The Redmi 10,000 comes with USB Type-A output ports and two input charging slots (type C and Micro USB).


The Redmi 10000 is an overall best product that you can buy today. The price is affordable for this power bank, which cost around Rs799.

2. Mi 10000: The popular choice

Mi 10000
Mi 10000

Capacity: 10000 mAh | Output:   5.1V, 2.4A MAX | Input port: Type C | Weight: 181 Kg


  • Supports quick charging
  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Anti-slip and scratch-resistant qualities
  • Short circuit protection


  • No LED torch

Xiaomi is one of the best tech company in India with a majority shares, which offers the best gadgets at an affordable price.

MI 10000 power bank comes with two variants-10,000 mAh capacity and 20,000 mAh capacity. The power bank is featured with Li-polymer battery pack inside, which delivers fast charging supply for the smartphones and small gadgets as well.

Build Quality and Design

The body of the Mi Power Bank 2i has made of aluminium alloy, so it has a very high-grade feel. Not only does it look good, but also the build quality is surpassing.  

Shiny matte finishing feels very premium and is available in three colour option: Black, Red and white.

The build quality of the power bank is very decent, and it provides a better grip while you hold in hands.

Battery capacity

MI 10,000 power bank i2 loaded with a 1000mAh high-density Li-polymer batteries pack.

The power bank has a 2.0A / 5.0V input port that can charge the device itself in about 6 hours. When you provide input to a power bank with an 18W / 2.4A charger, the power bank only takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge completely.

The power bank can provide around 7000 mAh capacity out of 10000 mAh. When you connect the 3500 mah a device into the power bank, then you will receive a power juice for the two-times.

It charges a phone running 3000 mAH battery within 1 hour. 

Hardware and additional features 

The device comes with nine levels of circuit chip protection, which protects the battery from overcharging and other surge protection. 

With low power mode, you can effortlessly charge small devices like fitness bands and Bluetooth earphones. All you need to do is press the button twice before connecting the gadgets, and you will notice that the LED lights are flashing respectively.

The power bank comes with two USB Ports along with two-way quick charging supports. LED indicators on the top that indicates the battery levels. 


Mi 10000 comes with a fast-charging technology, which delivers the 1000 mAh battery capacity.

The sturdy build quality, and with nine protection layers make the power bank worth to buy under Rs.1,000.

3. Ambrane PP-150: Best with Battery capacity


Capacity: 15,000 mAh | Output: 5.1V, 2.1A MAX | Input port: Type C | Weight: 310 Kg


  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual output ports
  • 9 Layer Protection
  • Type-C input port


  • Poor quality cable
  • A little bit heavy

Ambrane is an Indian company, which manufactures accessories such as charger adaptors, True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth earphone, mobile accessories and power banks. 

Ambrane PP-150 has 15000 mAh polymer battery pack inside that offers dignified battery capacity at this price point. 

Build Quality and Design

The power bank is a made with plastics material that coated with a rubber material on the outer body. 

The rubber coating on the outer body makes the power bank more resistant to scratches and marks, and it also provides a better grip to hold in hands.

The stylish U shape design with premium rubberized scratch less finish, and durable body makes it the perfect blend of style and performance. The power bank available in two colour option-black and olive green.

Battery Capacity

 The power bank has packed with a 15000 mAh Li-Polymer battery with high efficiency and charge conversion rate.

15,000 mAh Li-Polymer battery pack loaded inside, which offers a massive battery at such price tag.

Dual charger ports are available in this device, which includes Type-C and micro USB Port with a combined rating of 5V/2.1A.

The power bank takes up to 10 hours with a 2A wall charger to charge itself.

With the fast charging technology, The PP-150 can be a charge the device fastly with 2.1A output rating.

A dual USB output port allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Hardware and additional features 

The Ambrane PP-150 has 9-layers of protection with intelligent integrated circuits.

9-layer protection includes heat resistance, short circuit, reset mechanism, input overvoltage protection, incorrect insertion, output overcurrent, output overvoltage protection, overcharge and over-discharge, protection from cell PTC protection circuitry.

LED pointers on the front, indicate the battery status of the device.


Amazing battery capacity with Ergonomic design and the sturdy build quality, make it an attractive option for less than Rs.1,000. 

4. Syska P1015B-BK: Money for Value Power Bank

Syska P1015B-BK
Syska P1015B-BK

Capacity: 10,000 mAh | Output: 5.1V, 2.1A MAX | Input port: Type C | Weight: 200 Kg


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Li-Polymer battery pack
  • Decent build quality
  • Type-C charging Port


  • No LED torch
  • fast charging is not support

Syska is an electronic manufacturing company in India, which offers consumer products such as LED bulbs, Earphones, Personal care and Home appliances.

Syska P1015B-BK Power Bank thoughtfully designed to deliver a balanced charge to all your devices. It boasts of multi-intelligent protection circuits and prolonged battery life.

Build Quality and Design

The power bank has made of the High quality of the ABS plastic material that feels sturdy and solid.

The matte and textured finish on the body provides a better grip when holding the device in hands.

Syskya has provided the all necessary ports on the top of the device for easy access.

The side-mounted LED indicators are shows the battery percentage of this portable charger.

Battery Capacity

The Syska P1015B-BK is featured with 10000 mAh Li-Polymer battery pack inside that delivers long-lasting relief to all your charging needs anytime and anywhere.

The power bank delivers around 7000 mAh power juice, instead of the 10,000 mAh, which can charge 2.1 times to a smartphone, which has a 3000 mAh battery.

For the self-charging, power bank takes around the 6 to 7 hours with a 5V / 2A charger adaptor. 

Hardware and Additional features

With dual output USB ports, you can charge the two devices simultaneously with no issues.

Along with Two USB ports, the device integrated with dual Input ports for charging itself, it includes the Type-C and Micro USB port.

The power bank comes with multi-protection circuits to prevent the device from overcharging, discharging and other protections.

The LED indicators provide accurate battery level indication, and the power bank does not come with a torch. 


Syska is an Indian brand that manufactures products locally, so the price of the devices is reasonable.

If you are looking for the best money for value Power bank, then this product is best to pick under Rs.1,000.

5. Lapguard LG803: Best with 20800 mAh capacity

Lapguard LG803
Lapguard LG803

Capacity: 20,800 mAh | Output: 5.1V, 2.1 A MAX | Input port: micro USB | Weight: 440 Kg


  • Large battery pack
  • Short circuit protection
  • Flashlight torch


  • little bulky
  • No Type-C

Lapguard is an Indian brand that offers the power banks at the most affordable price tag with high capacity. Lapguard LG803 is the best affordable power bank that comes with large 20800 mAh battery, which has a Compatible with Android, Apple Devices and all small devices.

Build Quality and Design

The power bank is constructed with plastic material, and it comes with box shape Unique design. 

In front of the device has a power button with unique display indicators that shows the battery levels in numbers.

The build quality of the device has very decent and comes with a small and compact size, but the weight of the power bank is bit heavy as compared to the other products.

Battery Capacity

Lapguard LG803 has large 20800 mAh battery pack inside that offers high capacity, which other competitors are not offers at this price point.

With large battery capacity, the power bank can be a charge your smartphone up to 5 times a single charge, which has an average battery capacity of the 3000 mAh.

The power bank itself takes up to 8 to 9 hours to charge fully through the Micro USB port. 

Hardware and Additional features

The power bank comes with a three output USB Type-A ports with 5V-2.0A (Max) output for charging the device. It allows you to connect three devices at the time.

All the necessary circuitry protection has included in this device to protect from the overcharging, short circuit, reset mechanism, input overvoltage protection. 


Lapguard LG803 is the best affordable power bank that comes with large 20800 mAh battery, which has a Compatible with Android, Apple Devices and all small devices.

If you are looking for the large battery pack with decent surge protection for your device, then this is it for you.

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