Apple One subscription is now available for users starting at ₹195 per month

Apple one

Apple on Friday, October 30 launched the Apple One subscription bundle in India at starting price at Rs.195 per month. The subscription bundle includes Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music and iCloud storage.

In an iPhone manufacturer’s quarterly earnings announcement Thursday in US local time, Cook said the Apple One will release “tomorrow.” This means Friday in the United States. Apple services and updates are available in the morning in US Pacific Time, so the Apple One will be available in India on Friday night.

Apple One comes to Rs.195/ $15 per month for individuals and Rs.365 /$20 per month for groups. You can now sign up for Apple One in India.

Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage are available as part of Apple One Individual. Upgrade to the Apple One family with 200GB of iCloud storage and share all your perks with up to 6 family members as part of family sharing.

There’s a third-tier available in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, Apple One Premier ($30 / month), which also includes Apple News +, and the new Apple Fitness + not yet available, iCloud storage 2TB.

Individually, membership for all these services will be even greater. Apple Music is priced at Rs. 49 / $ 5 / month students, Rs. 99 / $ 10 / month for individuals, and Rs. $ 149 / $ 15 per month for family members (6 members).

Both Apple TV + and Apple Arcade are available for Rs. 99 / $ 5 / month (including family sharing). The cost of iCloud is Rs. 75 / month $ 1 (50 GB), Rs. 219 / $ 3 / month (200GB), or Rs. 749 / $ 10 / month (2TB). And both Apple News + and Apple Fitness + run $ 10 per month (including family sharing).

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