How Active Noise Cancellation headphones works? 

by rahul chougule

We all know, that Active Noise Cancellation headphones or earphones cancel out the unpleasant or unwanted noise to improve the sound quality of headphones. But might be, few of us know about how do active noise cancellation headphones work?. All explain.  

What is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) In Headphones? 

Active Noise Cancellation system is process of reducing the unwanted ambient sound with use of passive and active noise cancellation system. Active Noise Cancellation headphones uses noise cancellation system that includes two or more microphones and ANC chipset to reduce unwanted background noise. 

In this ANC system microphones “listens” the sound inside and outside of headphones. Meanwhile, the ANC chipset inverts sound waves and in-ear speakers cancels out the external unwanted noise with the neutralizing sound waves. 

What is Active Noise Cancellation ANC In Headphones

Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC) or isolation 

Passive noise cancellation or isolation headphones are designed in way to seal out the ear with help of earcups and ear tips to reduce the unwanted background sound. In this method, headphones depend on the earphone or headphones design, and this method does not include any chipset or additional battery and technology.  

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 

The ANC technology used in the headphone, earphones and earbuds to reduce the unwanted background sound. In this ANC method, headphones use ANC chipset with two or more microphones that cancel outs ambient sound.  

Active noise cancellation headphones are originally has been made for the aero plane piolet to help the deal with noisy condition. 

Types of Noise Cancellation systems. 

Feedforward Active Noise Cancellation – 

In Feedforward Active Noise Cancellation, the microphones are placed on the outer of cup. These microphones are captures surrounding sound before a person hear. The Feedforward ANC uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to neutralize the unwanted noise. After that the ANC send sound waves to headsets inner speaker

1. Feedback Active noise cancellation

In the Feedback noise cancellation, the microphones are placed inside the earcups or in front of speaker.  Feedback ANC is similar to the Feedforward ANC, but there is difference microphone placement. This microphone picks unwanted noise from there and then sends the sound to the ANC chipset, which uses sophisticated algorithms to eliminate noise and plays it back to the speakers, creating a natural solution that requires the same circuit as a direct communication system. 

2. Hybrid Active noise cancellation 

Hybrid Active noise cancellation is the combination of the Feedback Active noise cancellation and Feedforward Active Noise Cancellation. In the Hybrid Active noise cancellation microphones placed on the both sides inside and outside of the cups. Such a combination works to produce the best results without flaw.  

They adapt and adjust to the frequency and deliver just the right sound. Sometimes, these earphones come with an additional microphone to capture additional sound and deliver it to the other party making it the perfect companion in the workspace. 

3. Environmental noise cancellation 

Environmental noise cancellation is detecting the environment’s noise surrounding you and it neutralize or stops unwanted environment’s noise entering in the earphone. 

4. Transparency mode: 

This type of Transparency Mode, ANC setting allows user to hear surrounding activity without removing the earphone from their ear. Sound passes through ANC Transparency mode to allow user to hear. For example, If you don’t want remove the earbuds from the ear, while doing workout or jogging. 

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